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Galway, Ireland – MBRYONICS, a leading manufacturer in the area of photonics has recently begun work on a disruptive project Freeform-OPTIX, centred around the manufacturing of freeform optics for the space industry. The company is proud to announce the successful funding of its application as part of the Disruptive Technology and Innovation Fund (DTIF) granted by Enterprise Ireland. This significant investment will enable the company to herald a new age of volume manufacturing for freeform optics in the west of Ireland, and underpin the future development of components an optical systems for the space industry. The company is passionate about building a new industrial ‘Silicon Valley’ for optical and photonics here in the west of Ireland, in Galway, at the edge of Europe.

MBRYONICS is a company that has been working closely with a number of space agencies to build the internet in space. The demands of Moore’s Law are ever-increasing as we strive to provide communication technology that will sustain innovation and development beyond this planet. This collaboration between MBRYONICS, ÉIRECOMPOSITES TEO, Irish Manufacturing Research and the University of Galway’s School of Science and Engineering and the Business School is working to establish more efficient and adaptive manufacturing technology, driving innovation in the west of Ireland.

Commenting on the funding, John Mackey, CEO of MBRYONICS said, “We are delighted to receive this funding from the DTIF. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and the potential of our disruptive technology. As with Moore’s law, the demand for technological advancements is ever-increasing, and we are looking to meet that demand by revolutionising the way we manufacture components for space. With this investment, we can continue to push the boundaries of manufacturing technology and advance our research and development in the field of freeform optics for the space industry, driving innovation in the west of Ireland.”

Welcoming the DTIF funding Irish Manufacturing Research’s Chief Technology Officer, Micheal Cassidy said, “Irish Manufacturing Research are excited to be at the forefront of the transformation of how components are manufactured for space through this Freeform-OPTIX collaboration. Freeform-OPTIX combines expertise from across Irish Manufacturing Research, from Design for Manufacturing, Robotics, Sustainable Manufacturing, and Data Analytics. IMR will develop novel manufacturing processes in metal Additive Manufacturing, and pilot production process lines using machine vision and robotic automation, to support scalable manufacture of composite optics. This will give industrial partners a competitive edge in the space industry and position Irish manufacturing at the forefront of global manufacturing in this domain.”

The impact of the project is expected to be significant, and the partnership aims to enable the creation of a new industry in advanced optics while simultaneously addressing the challenges of volume manufacturing of high specification freeform mirrors. The project will provide a considerable boost to the Irish economy and establish Ireland as a leading player in the manufacture and supply of high-value products in emerging technology markets.


MBRYONICS is a leading manufacturer of freeform optics for the space industry. The company is dedicated to developing disruptive technology and innovation to improve cost efficiencies in the face of material limitations and the cost of weight. MBRYONICS is working in collaboration with a number of space agencies to build the internet in space, and with the University of Galway, the school of science and engineering, and the school of business to establish more efficient and adaptive manufacturing technology, driving innovation and investment in the west of Ireland.

About Irish Manufacturing Research:

Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) is a leading Research and Technology Organisation providing a portfolio of research, training, and consultancy services to Industry across the following four thematic pillars: Digitisation, Sustainable manufacturing, Design for Manufacturing and Robotics and Automation. IMR works with leading global and indigenous brands to demystify, and derisk new and emerging technologies and to deliver high impact collaborative research and services to enable advanced manufacturing for a broad range of clients across Ireland’s manufacturing network.

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