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April 21, 2023

Major Milestone. Establishing a photonics innovation hub in the west of Ireland

A major milestone week for the company. "This is another major milestone for us. The mission has always been to establish a technology and innovation-driven manufacturing hub here in the…
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April 21, 2023

MBRYONICS receives €4.1 Million in funding from the Disruptive Technology Fund.

Bringing Innovation to light.   Galway, Ireland - Mbryonics, a leading manufacturer in the area of photonics has recently begun work on a disruptive project Freeform-OPTIX, centred around the manufacturing…
Our Company
February 19, 2023

About mBryonics

At mBryonics, we specialise in developing innovative optical systems for telecommunications, Earth observation, and science missions to provide advanced sensing, imaging, positioning, data management, and data transport capabilities for data-driven…