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A major milestone week for the company.

“This is another major milestone for us. The mission has always been to establish a technology and innovation-driven manufacturing hub here in the West of Ireland, specifically Galway and this funding will allow us to further develop our photonics and optical system manufacturing technologies which will revolutionise the way companies the world will access and transfer data from satellites in low earth orbit. In total, we will be investing more than €6 million in expanding our manufacturing and testing facility which starts with the establishment of a new optics and photonics engineering and design centre movement to a new interim HQ in Dangan, Galway. The challenge to build the internet in space, connecting our cosmos, wont be easy , which is why we’re actively looking for the best and brightest aeronautical engineers, physicists, additive manufacturing expertise and 5-axis CNC machinists to join our team.” – John Mackey.


A clear mission, an even clearer vision. To bring innovation to light, in Galway.

As a privately-owned SME based in Galway, Ireland, our team at MBRYONICS focuses on creating cutting-edge optical instruments, photonic intra-sat, quantum networks, and high-frequency communications, as well as end-to-end free space optical communication systems for ground and space segments. With the DTIF investment, we aim to strengthen our vertically integrated model, offering design, system engineering, and advanced Manufacture, Assembly, Integration, and Test (MAIT) services to meet customer demands for lower-cost missions, satellite miniaturization, and series production for constellations.

Our CEO, John Mackey, said, “We are thrilled to receive this investment from the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund. The funding will enable us to expand our expertise in key technology domains, such as freeform optics, adaptive optics, and co-packaged optics. As we continue to develop state-of-the-art solutions for integrated space and terrestrial networks, secure communications, space exploration, and Earth observation, this investment will play a critical role in maintaining our competitive edge and accelerating our growth to establish a photonics centre of excellence here on the banks of the Corrib. Our team is growing exponentially to meet the demand for this technology, and we invite applications from Europe’s best and brightest engineers to join our mission crew.”

We are currently in the process of moving to a new MBRYONICS HQ in the Dangan area of Galway while working on establishing an even larger facility on the west side of the city due to our rapid expansion.

With a strong emphasis on collaboration between enterprises and Irish research institutions, the DTIF investment aims to foster new relationships and enable local firms to benefit from positive spillovers. Our team’s partnership with research institutions such as the University of Galway, IMR (Irish Manufacturing Institute), The Tyndall Institute, ISE (Immersive S/W Engineering) an initiative to help ensure students are industry-ready on graduation, as well as Irish Manufacturing Research, showcases the value in this initiative to drive innovation and contribute to Ireland’s economic resilience and competitiveness in the global market.

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