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We are looking for Electrical, Optical, Software, Engineers and Scientist that want to work on some of the most challenging space projects for the next generation of satellite communication. Interested, click here to see a list of positions.


Future of Wireless Optical Communication

We were recently invited to published a short article looking at future applications of free space optical communication, also referred to as Wireless Laser Communication. With the rise of 5G and the development of future radio network technologies we are beginning to discuss the benefits of Optical wireless communication and how it can support these future networks.

This article came off the back of our H2020 RAVEN project (Real-time Access Virtual Earth Observation Network) utilising satellite laser communication. Laser communication, while traditionally overshadowed by radio solutions, now has a significant heritage for satellite communication which has been led largely by European efforts. Laser communication is now set to see considerable advancements and adoption in future satellite networks. The recent announcement of the first successful demonstration of end-to-end quantum satellite communication, as well as the launch of the European Space Agency’s dedicated Laser Communication development programme ScyLight and its European Data Relay System all highlight the trend of rapid advancement and demand for high bandwidth and secure communication solutions. Yet many challenges remain in making it a commercially viable solution for broad adoption.

We have focused on overcoming the most challenging aspects of implementing systems for laser satellite network communication. Namely the challenge of atmospheric distortion of optical signals. The atmosphere remains the main bottleneck in data rates and require solutions focusing on the size, weight, power and cost.

We shall be making a number of announcements over the coming months, including a more in-depth follow up article on laser communication and our laser communication products. Sign up to our news letter to stay up to date on all future announcements.

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mBryonics Services

Technology Design Atelier
Electro-Optical Design
We specialise in Photonics which is the combination of light sensing technologies with electrical systems.
Mechanical Engineering
Structural and mechanical design of product components.
Industrial Design
We are a design focused team. Striving for simplicity making technology approachable and accessible.
Product Prototyping
We rapidly make full fidelity prototypes using in house precision manufacturing facilities.
Software Programming
Embedded, mobile, and desktop software development.
Embedded System Development
We develop electrical systems to control your product, including firmware and software.
Sensor Design
Developing custom precision sensors for fluorometry, interferometry, spectroscopy, and positioning systems.
Metrology - Precision Measurement
We use precision measurement to validate our work including Interferometry, Computer controlled 3D touch-probe, 3D optical scanning.
Technology Development
If you have a technical challenge we have almost two decade of experience in research and development on challenging problems.

About mBryonics

We are a design and technology development atelier, bringing advanced technology concepts to market.

We are a small team of Scientists, Engineers and Designers based on the West Coast of Ireland. We specialise in photonics, which is the combination of light sources (e.g. LEDs, lasers), optical design, lens systems, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software engineering. We add to this product design and in-house manufacture, enabling us to take a prototype from the research bench right through to design and prototyping for pre-production.

If you would like to know more about working with us please see our about, services and facilities, as well as our typical development process. See our Contact Us page to find how to get in touch.

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